“Sourav Ganguly Hadn’t…”: The Unheard Story of Saba Karim’s Push for MS Dhoni in 2004

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Unveiling the Untold Tale of Cricketing Destiny: Saba Karim’s Account of Picking MS Dhoni for India’s Squad in 2004

In a candid revelation that offers a fascinating glimpse into cricketing history, former BCCI selector Saba Karim unveiled an intriguing tale surrounding the early days of the legendary MS Dhoni’s career. According to Karim, he had once passionately advocated for Dhoni’s inclusion in India’s squad bound for Pakistan in 2004. Regrettably, his recommendation did not materialize, as then-captain Sourav Ganguly had yet to witness Dhoni’s prowess on the field.

During a recent interaction, Saba Karim recounted the pivotal moment when he first laid eyes on a young and tenacious Dhoni during his playing days for Bihar. The raw talent and sheer determination displayed by the future Indian skipper left a profound impact on Karim, who saw immense potential in the wicketkeeper-batsman.

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However, destiny had other plans for Dhoni, as he missed the opportunity to be a part of the 2003-04 series against Pakistan. It was only a year later, in 2004, that the cricketing world would witness the birth of a superstar. Making his One-Day International debut against Bangladesh, Dhoni signaled the start of a remarkable journey that would etch his name in the annals of cricketing history.

Subsequently, MS Dhoni’s career continued its upward trajectory, and he found himself included in the India squad for the 2005 home series against Pakistan. This marked a pivotal moment in his career, as he went on to achieve extraordinary feats and eventually become one of the most revered and accomplished cricketers to don the Indian jersey.

Reflecting on the missed opportunity to have Dhoni in the squad earlier, cricket enthusiasts can’t help but wonder how history might have been rewritten had fate allowed the charismatic wicketkeeper-batsman to tour Pakistan in 2004. Nonetheless, the subsequent years of Dhoni’s illustrious career have left an indelible mark on the sport, proving that destiny often finds a way to unfold a star’s journey in the grand stage of cricketing excellence.

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