In the Event of World Cup Snub…”: Shardul Thakur’s Candid Reflection on Selection

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Set to commence on October 5 and run through November 19, the forthcoming ODI World Cup will take place on Indian soil. With the grand spectacle on the horizon, the team’s management is poised to provide players with ample opportunities to secure their positions in the squad. These chances are geared towards allowing players to showcase their potential and merit ahead of the pivotal tournament.

Shardul Thakur’s commendable performance in the West Indies series has sparked discussions of his potential inclusion in India’s squad for the upcoming ODI World Cup. However, the talented seam-bowling all-rounder chooses to remain focused on his contributions rather than dwelling on securing a spot. Thakur emerged as a standout performer in the ODI series against the West Indies, taking eight wickets in just three matches, with his stellar performance of 4/37 in the decisive game on Tuesday. The imminent World Cup, scheduled from October 5 to November 19 in India, has the team’s management actively looking for standouts to fortify the squad for the global spectacle.

Reflecting on his performance, Shardul said, “I’m pleased with my eight-wicket haul in this series. These are the opportunities as a cricketer we wait for years, and sometimes they go in our favor, other times not. But every series I take part in gives me more experience and boosts my confidence.”

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Thakur, known for his right-arm seam and lower order batting, believes in his role and rejects the pressure of sealing his spot. He states, “My mindset is not to play to secure my position; I aim to deliver my best for the team and adapt according to the game’s needs. If I’m not selected for the World Cup, that’s their decision, and all I can do is focus on my performance.”

The dynamic all-rounder has been a consistent presence in India’s ODI squad for the past couple of years, except for his absence in the series against Sri Lanka at home. Reflecting on his role, Shardul noted, “I believe the team sees value in my contributions, hence my continued inclusion. As an all-rounder who bats lower down the order, I understand my crucial role in the team. I aim to contribute positively, be it batting, bowling, or fielding. The most important thing is to make an impact, and I strive to do that every time.”

As the World Cup looms closer, Shardul acknowledges the importance of every game. “Every match we play now is a step towards World Cup preparation. We’ll evaluate ourselves in all aspects of the game – batting, bowling, and fielding. The team management, along with certain players eyeing selection, will also be watching closely,” he added.

Commenting on the series-clinching ODI, Shardul praised the team’s holistic performance, with special accolades for Ishan Kishan and Shubman Gill’s formidable batting. Discussing the team’s strategy, he said, “In the final match, we decided to bat first, set a challenging target, and then defend it. This didn’t quite pan out in the previous game, but this time around, we managed to post a hefty total, thanks to Ishan and Shubman’s solid powerplay.”

Reflecting on the bowling department, Shardul singled out Mukesh Kumar’s impressive spell and their collective effort as a unit. Despite Yuzvendra Chahal’s absence from the series, Shardul maintains faith in the leg-spinner, stating that his performance over the years speaks volumes, and his inclusion remains at the discretion of the team management.

With the T20 leg of the tour set to kick-off on Thursday, the cricketing world eagerly waits for the exciting contests ahead.

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