Ravichandran Ashwin Speaks Up: India’s Pursuit of England’s ‘Bazball’ Approach and the Cultural Difference

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England’s adoption of the assertive ‘Bazball’ approach has sent a wave of surprise and admiration rippling through the global cricketing landscape, but can India follow it.

England’s adoption of the audacious ‘Bazball’ strategy has sent shockwaves through the cricket fraternity. Nevertheless, Ravichandran Ashwin contemplates the feasibility of such tactics for India, especially as the team faces an impending period of transition. “We are displaying tremendous prowess in Test cricket. Yet, we are soon to encounter a transition that may not be as smooth,” he expounded on his YouTube channel. He further contrasted the sporting cultures of India and England as a potential reason why the ‘Bazball’ approach may not be compatible with India’s style.

“Imagine India takes on the Bazball approach… envisage a player who bats with the recklessness of Harry Brook, leading to an out and subsequent loss of two Test matches. What would be our course of action? Will we stand behind the Bazball and the players? Historically, our tendency would be to replace at least four players from our team. That’s indicative of our cricketing culture. The English system thrives because their management, selectors, and even the spectators are in alignment with this style of play. This may not be feasible for us,” articulated the expert spinner.

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With the ICC World Cup 2023 slated to take place in India across October and November, Ashwin called upon the fans to back the team, discouraging negativity.

“The quest for a world cup victory is not a simple one…simply playing or dropping a player won’t assure victory. We all tend to be armchair analysts after the fact, but that approach is ineffective here,” he reasoned. “We have consistently qualified for the semifinals of major tournaments, but on the decisive day, we have sometimes fallen short. It’s important to send our team into the World Cup buoyed by positivity,” he urged.

He also made reference to the recent Ashes series where England demonstrated a remarkable comeback from 0-2 to draw the series 2-2. Ashwin surmised that Australia’s performance may have been impacted by the absence of their seasoned spinner Nathan Lyon due to injury.

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