R Ashwin Settles Debate: Sanju Samson’s ODI World Cup Hopes Dashed

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As the countdown to the highly anticipated ODI World Cup 2023 edges closer, the Indian cricket team finds itself in the pivotal juncture of team composition deliberations. With a mere two months left before the grand tournament kicks off, the corridors of decision-making within the Indian cricketing echelons are abuzz with strategic discussions aimed at sculpting the ideal squad.

In a recent press conference, Indian spinner R Ashwin put an end to the ongoing debate regarding Sanju Samson’s inclusion in the Indian squad for the upcoming ODI World Cup. The cricketing fraternity has been divided over whether Samson, known for his explosive batting skills, deserves a spot in the national team. However, Ashwin’s statement made it clear that there is no space for Samson in India’s World Cup plans.

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Ashwin, who himself has been a prominent member of the Indian cricket team, spoke about the tough competition within the squad and emphasized the need for consistent performances to secure a position. Despite Samson’s impressive performances in domestic tournaments and IPL matches, Ashwin pointed out that there were already established players who have consistently delivered at the international level.

The decision comes as a setback for Samson’s supporters who believed he deserved an opportunity on account of his brilliant form.

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