High Drama Unfolds in India vs West Indies 3rd ODI Following DRS-Induced Shift in ‘Umpire’s Call

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A significant moment of perplexity unfolded during the third One Day International between India and West Indies, specifically on the concluding delivery of the 45th over.

On Tuesday, India sealed an emphatic victory in their ODI series against West Indies, overpowering the hosts by a massive 200 runs in Trinidad, resulting in a 2-1 series win. Remarkably, this performance was achieved in the absence of stalwarts like Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, giving the team a chance to prove their prowess and depth. Nevertheless, the game wasn’t without its fair share of drama.

As the match was drawing to a close, the scene on the field turned chaotic when Jayden Seales of West Indies was declared out on the last ball of the 35th over by umpire Michael Gough. This decision was immediately contested and a review was sought.

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Upon replay, it was evident that the ball’s impact was under the domain of the ‘umpire’s call’ and the trajectory was indeed aimed at the stumps, as suggested by the ball-tracker. This brought about a conundrum when Seales was ruled not out; the initial decision was based on a ‘caught out’ verdict at slips which, upon review, showed no contact with the bat.

Anticipating a win, the Indian contingent prepared to celebrate and retreat to the pavilion, only to be left confounded by the umpire’s explanation. This twist, albeit interesting, didn’t significantly alter the outcome as Seales was sent off-field a few deliveries later, courtesy of Shardul Thakur.

The third ODI was a spectacular show of India’s prowess, with a victory margin of 200 runs, facilitated by four individual half-centuries and an excellent bowling execution. However, despite this win, queries regarding the team’s formation for the upcoming World Cup still lingered.

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