ICC ODI WC 2023: R Ashwin’s Firm Stand Against Inclusion of Four Tailenders – Offers Team’s Balancing Act and Resolution

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R Ashwin Opens Up About Indian Team Once Again: Senior Cricketer Voices Concerns Over Team Management

Anticipation builds as India’s journey to the ODI World Cup draws nearer, merely days away. The team steps onto the global stage as one of the tournament’s standout contenders, backed by a fervent nation. However, the road to World Cup glory might be less paved than initially anticipated for Team India.

Such apprehensions have surfaced from several cricket pundits, who have carefully dissected recent performances, especially the surprising setback against the Caribbean side in the second ODI match. Rahul Dravid’s men now find themselves at a crossroads, seeking a crucial turnaround.

Unveiling his strategic insights through his YouTube channel, Ashwin delves into the potential batting arrangements for the Indian contingent. The esteemed cricketer advocates for a robust lower middle order, like the robust batting prowess exemplified by Shardul Thakur. While Ashwin emphasizes the importance of having a dependable No. 8 batter, he notes that even Kuldeep Yadav could secure a place in the top eleven. However, he adds that this crucial slot should hinge on the player’s ability to execute as a reliable all-rounder.

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Here, he addresses the Indian team’s coach and captain, asserting, ‘We shouldn’t include four tailenders, a good batsman should be included, and for that reason, you need someone like Shardul Thakur at number 8 who can contribute with the bat outside the crease. However, to win matches, the best batsmen and bowlers must perform. In the scenario where six wickets have fallen, and 36 runs are required from 30 balls, then that batsman should be sent in who can win matches.'”

Ashwin further elaborated, ‘Ahead of the World Cup, India will strive to discover the right team combination. This entails bringing about changes in the lineup for every match. If they decide to field Kuldeep and Chahal together, then Kuldeep needs to bat at number 8. Because even Kuldeep can contribute with the bat to some extent.’ Though the Kul-Cha combination hasn’t been seen in that light recently.

Revisiting the memories of the 2019 World Cup, Ashwin reminisced, ‘After a long time, I’ve seen Kuldeep and Chahal having a chat together. They share a great camaraderie, true friends indeed. One takes the ball from the right-arm, and the other brings it back. They both bring diversity to the table. As a combination, they really excelled before the 2019 World Cup.’

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