Dhoni Took a 1973 Pontiac for a Spin Down the Streets of Ranchi: The Video Swiftly Captured the Internet’s Attention

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Whether it’s a car or a bike, Dhoni has an undeniable passion for driving. Since his retirement from the Indian team, he currently plays solely in the IPL as part of CSK. The rest of his time is devoted to managing his business, spending quality moments with his pets, or enjoying leisurely rides in his beloved vehicles.

Former Indian cricket team captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s penchant for automobiles is no secret. His home in Ranchi houses an impressive collection of cars and bikes. Alongside his cricket career, any leisure time found Dhoni enjoying lengthy journeys in his vehicles.

Regardless of the type – be it a car or a bike, Dhoni harbors a deep love for driving them. Post his retirement from the Indian squad, he is now seen in action exclusively in the IPL, donning the CSK jersey. The remainder of his time is either invested in managing his business, engaging with his pets, or embarking on excursions in his favorite vehicles. Recently, a video of Dhoni driving a classic car on the streets of Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand, has gone viral.

In the video, Dhoni can be seen driving a heritage Pontiac Trans AM SD-455. His joy is apparent as he navigates the 1973 model car through the streets of Ranchi. Sporting a vibrant red, Dhoni gracefully cruises the vehicle across town. Currently, he is recuperating from a leg injury, following an operation. He led CSK to their fifth trophy in the last IPL season, despite suffering the injury during the tournament.

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Only a few days back, Dhoni was spotted driving a Rolls Royce in Ranchi. Outside of competitive cricket, this is how Dhoni spends his time. This time, his drive in the Pontiac was captured by an ardent fan. Wearing a casual t-shirt, sunglasses, Dhoni can be seen handling the car. His weakness for cars and bikes is well known. His collection boasts of 70 superbikes including Kawasaki Ninja, Ducati, Harley Davidson, among other luxury models. Additionally, his collection includes 15 sophisticated and classic cars ranging from a 75 lakh rupees worth Hammer H2 to Land Rover, Audi Q7, and more in his garage. His residence in Ranchi even features a multi-level parking arrangement to accommodate these cars and bikes.

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