Another Ball Controversy Erupts in the Ashes! Khawaja Expresses Outrage Over Incident, Ponting Calls for an Investigation

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The Series is Ashes, and it’s seemingly inevitable for controversies to make an appearance. The ongoing Ashes series has repeatedly drawn public attention due to squabbles between English fans and Australian cricketers, stemming from the controversial dismissal of Bairstow. Now, the final test of the series has brought forth a new point of contention – a fresh dispute has emerged regarding a change of ball.

The Ashes series has become synonymous with disputes, with this year’s series proving no exception. A raft of controversies revolving around Bairstow’s contentious dismissal and ensuing altercations between English supporters and Australian cricketers have consistently been in the public eye. This drama has extended into the final test of the series, which has seen a new disagreement emerge surrounding a ball change, eliciting the ire of former Australian cricketer Ricky Ponting who has called for an investigation.

The final test of the 2023 Ashes, played at the Oval between England and Australia, was not without its share of drama. The last day saw a significant controversy surrounding a ball replacement, triggered by damage to the ball’s shape after it struck Usman Khawaja’s helmet. The umpires decided to replace the ball, a move which significantly benefitted England, with their bowlers picking up three wickets for just 30 runs following the change. This development ruffled the feathers of former Australian captain Ricky Ponting, who expressed his dissatisfaction with the umpire’s decision, and has now demanded a formal investigation.

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Speaking to Sky Sports Cricket, Ponting voiced his frustrations, ‘My biggest gripe was the ball that was chosen to replace it. There’s no way in the world you can compare those two balls. If you’re going to replace it, get it as close to the old one as possible. Now if you look in that box, there weren’t many old balls in there. A few old balls were picked up, the umpires looked at them and put them back.’

Ponting continued, ‘I can’t understand how two international umpires who’ve done this before could get it so wrong. It’s a massive moment in the game. The amount of seam and swing this morning compared to yesterday afternoon was twice as much. I think it’s a major error that needs investigating.’

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